State-of-the-art access

Thanks to the automated forecourt, truck drivers are generally done within half an hour at MCT. Upon arrival at the terminal, trucks first pass through a so-called Photo Gate. Here, cameras automatically record information pertaining to the truck plus container(s) and directly transmit these images to the terminal system. At the reception building, drivers can next choose between a faster do-it-yourself desk and a manned desk to handle their formalities. In both cases, the Cargo Card, a ‘smart’ identification card which works through hand recognition, is used for identification.

Quickly done

After having delivered and/or collected the container(s) at the terminal, trucks leave MCT via an outgoing Photo Gate. At the exit gate, drivers identify themselves one last time with the Cargo Card in combination with the hand scan. This means the driver is quickly done. At the same time, MCT can always rest assured that the correct container leaves the terminal.