Strategic location

The port of Moerdijk is strategically located midway between the main ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, at a major intersection of waterways. Without being hindered by locks, MCT can be reached by barge from both sea ports within 3.5 hours.

Hub for Europe

From MCT, optimal and congestion-free European hinterland transport is possible (and vice versa). 'All' routes run via Moerdijk:

- Trucks are on the A16, A17 and A59 motorways within five minutes from MCT;

- Trains have direct access to the national and European rail network from MCT’s own rail terminal (two tracks of 750 metres, one track of 950 metres);

-  Through various waterways, barges connect MCT with numerous destinations deeper in the Netherlands and in the direction of Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, etc.