European Gateway Services

MCT is one of the extended gates in the rapidly growing European Gateway Services network of ECT. Via European Gateway Services, shipping lines, forwarders, transport companies and shippers can easily have their containers transported to Moerdijk by barge immediately after they have been discharged from the sea-going vessels at ECT’s deep-sea terminals in Rotterdam. MCT is connected with the Maasvlakte twice a day to this extent. From the terminal at Moerdijk, efficient onward distribution is next possible.

European Gateway Services furthermore offers several additional services. One of the attractive extra options is transport without customs documents, in which containers are moved between Rotterdam and Moerdijk under the customs license of ECT (Paperless Service). It is not until MCT that the customer needs to arrange his customs formalities. On top of that, a time guarantee is possible on the route Rotterdam – Moerdijk (Premium Service). You can read all about European Gateway Services here.